Reader for Fingerprint and MIFARE

MIFARE Ⓡ and biometrics reader

Desktop reader for MIFARE Ⓡ Smart cards with Read/Write capability

LGMF64X0 is a new generation desktop reader with fingerprint technology and contactless smart card technology. It uses a stable and reliable fingerprint algorithm and scanner with high resolution to achieve high security and perfect performance.

MIFARE ® and biometric badge reader

The LGM6410 USB reader is available in different versions: fingerprint reading only; fingerprint reading + MIFARE ® read and write. The LGMF64X0 reader allows you to compare the fingerprint read with that stored in the MIFARE ® 4K badge, 1:1 recognition. The card reader is NFC compatible for deployment in applications using this RFID technology.

USB interface and MIFARE ® SDK

Easy to implement with its USB interfaces (RS 232 serial on request), this RFID reader encoder was developed with the aim of high security at the best price, combined with great ease of use and resistance. Development kit available for development of specific applications.

Reader for access to computer sessions

The LGM6410 offers strong identification for access to computer stations, computer servers, access to workstations on PLCs. It offers the guarantee that the user accessing the system is indeed the beneficiary thanks to the identification by fingerprint while remaining compliant with the recommendations of security administrations and the GDPR since it allows a 1: 1 verification between the fingerprint read and the fingerprint pattern saved in the memory of the user badge.


Characteristics of the MIFARE ® and biometric LGM6410 badge reader

Multifunction Biometrics, biometrics + contactless technology (MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ®, MIFARE DESFire ®), NFC badge reading
Biometrics High resolution 508 dpi fingerprint scanner
Reader connection USB
Power supply Via USB port
Reading badges Controlled mode or automatic response mode: permanent reading and sending of Mifare serial number of cards or badges
Reader integration SDK available for specific application development
Price From 490 €

MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® and MIFARE DESFire ® are trademarks of NXP, B.V.

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