Reader for Fingerprint and MIFARE

MIFARE Ⓡ and biometrics reader

Desktop reader for MIFARE Ⓡ Smart cards with Read/Write capability

LGMF64X0 is a new generation desktop reader with fingerprint technology and contactless smart card technology. It uses a stable and reliable fingerprint algorithm and scanner with high resolution to achieve high security and perfect performance.


- Several versions are available for various applications: fingerprint; fingerprint + smart card. The main feature of CV64X0 is that fingerprint data can be stored in the smart card or in the device. The template extraction and matching algorithms run within the device itself, NOT IN PC. This feature is the unique function to provide highest security level.
- Flexible interface, RS232 or USB interface for easy use. TCP/IP network version is available as an option. The new housing can be placed on metal surfaces.
- It is designed for economic and high security as well as convenience and reliability. SDK is available for further application development and is extremely easy for designers to integrate the fingerprint authentication and contactless smart card technology features into their application without an in-depth knowledge of biometrics.

Various versions available

- Fingerprint + Smart Card, stand alone
- Fingerprint + Smart Card, PC version
SDK is available for customer’s further application development


- Multifunction: fingerprint, fingerprint+smart card technology
- High resolution fingerprint sensor with 508 dpi
- USB or RS232 interface
- TCP/IP for network available as option (external converter module)
- Requiring no additional power supply
- Auto answer mode: permanent reading and sending the ID number
- Excellent and compact design
- Low cost.

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