Blank cards

A3M manufactures PVC plastic cards of the highest quality standards. A3M’s standard 86*54mm laminated cards (ISO 7810 - CR80) fulfil quality criterias of the biggest card printers manufacturers worldwide.

A3M is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of RFID contactless cards. Our production range includes 125KHz and 13.56 MHz frequency cards.
Plastic cards are available for RFID technologies such as MIFARE Ultralight ® (MF0 1C U1 512 bit), MIFARE ® 1K (MF IC S50 1Kb), MIFARE ® 4K (MF IC S70 4Kb), MIFARE DESfire ® 4K (MF3 IC D40 4Kb), EM H4100 and EM H4102 (64 bit read only), Temic T5557 (256 bit), iCode SLI (SL2 ICS20 2Kb) etc...

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Plastic cards manufacturing

Blank cards

Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

Manufacturer of blank PVC cards, A3M offers a plastic card that meets the criteria of the largest manufacturers of card printers. Standard size and thickness, the A3M blank card is distinguished by high quality production and a very high level of finish which will allow you to benefit from the best color print quality and the greatest durability of your badges and identification cards printed single sided or double sided. Standard format 86x54mm, thickness 0,76mm. ISO CR80-7810.

Magnetic cards

Magnetic PVC card with ISO HiCo or LoCo track for data encoding

A ISO 7811 3-track magnetic stripe card. Available in high and low coercivity (HiCo and LoCo). The magnetic card is a card identification technology traditionally widely used. Associated with the bank card, it is still used in identification and access control applications: hotel establishments, loyalty card, parking access. Manufacturer of magnetic cards, A3M guarantees the best manufacturing quality and compliance with the ISO standard which will ensure the proper functioning of the magnetic card in your application.

Rewritable cards

The rewritable card is a card with special coating that can be printed and erased 500 times

The A3M rewritable badge has been specially designed to be reused. The same rewritable PVC card can thus be erased and then printed again up to 500 times thanks to products such as the Magicard Pronto card printer or the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer. For cost savings and an ecological approach.

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable cards help protect our environment

Being conscious of our responsibility to protect the environment, at the same time as of the contamination caused by the traditional PVC card, we developed a material that is 100% biodegradable in a natural environment.

Keyholder cards

PVC card in keychain format divisible into 3 mini cards for loyalty programs

The A3M breakable card is a PVC customer card in standard format CR80 with a thickness of 0,76mm. It is detachable pre-cut into three parts of equal dimensions for obtaining identical mini-cards. Thanks to its small size and its attachment to the key ring, this small card has become an inescapable classic of customer loyalty.