Proximity 125 Khz ID cards

125Khz EM4102 RFID card

Proximity badge 125Khz read only technology EM4102 / EM4200

EM4102: this read-only 125Khz RFID access badge allows the use of time clocks in companies for checking access and attendance. Easy to use, this RFID badge avoids mechanical wear and tear of the installations, and is especially appreciated for its greater communication distance (up to about 10 cm) as well as its reduced price.

EM4102 reading only RFID card

The 125Khz card of the EM4100, EM4102, EM4200, TK4100 or compatible family is a read-only card. The identification is based on reading its unique serial number. Consequently, whenever it is necessary to write in the chip, or when more security is desired, it will be necessary to use RFID chip technology MIFARE ® (MIFARE is a brand of NXP, BV).

EM4102 card color printed

A3M provides according to your needs the blank white card in 125Khz frequency with EM4102 chip, with a pre-printed serial number (USN printing), or even entirely personalized to your company image or produced with offset color printing on the front and back.

Time control in frequency 125Khz

The EM4102 125Khz badge is often used in simple time control systems with time and attendance terminals. It is a solution appreciated by its greater reading distance (up to about 10 cm), and its really cheap price, the lowest on the market among access badges.

125Khz PVC card for access control

Although being an older technology and less secure than MIFARE ® (lower transaction speed, less secure exchanges, lack of anti-collision security), the EM4102 125Khz badge in read-only technology remains a very accessible option also used in access control systems. Its unique identifier corresponding to the chip number allows the RFID card and tag reader to recognize it without possible error.

An RFID badge available in several formats

The 125Khz frequency RFID chips of type EM4102 or TK4100 can be encapsulated in different formats. Passive RFID key chains can be read by RFID readers at relatively long distance thanks to low frequency communication. The EM4102 and TK4100 smart keychain is widely used in gyms or businesses where it is easier to use.

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