Print full colour secure photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards and access control badges. Choose the right Magicard printer for your needs.

Magicard patented HoloKote™ anti-counterfeiting visual security feature, 3 year Ultra Cover Plus warranty and renowned support set the brand apart in the ID card printer industry.

Pronto card printer

Magicard Pronto the most economical card printer

A quality dye-sublimation ID card printer at a great price. Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading. The Pronto features a magnetic stripe encoding option and its built-in HoloKote visual security system offers a choice of 4 watermark designs.

Enduro card printer

Magicard Enduro is a low price ID card printer

The Enduro printer can be ordered single or double-sided. For added flexibility, a simple drop-in upgrade is available for customers whose needs change from single to double-sided cards. The Enduro offers a magnetic stripe encoding option and HoloKote visual security in 4 watermark designs.

Rio 2e Card Printer

Magicard Rio professional printer for security cards

The Rio 2e, a printer for printing secure and professional ID cards, prints high quality images and offers the user the option to print a transparent, personalised security HoloKote hologram on the surface of the card. The Rio 2e offers many encoding options for proximity cards, as well as for contact chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

XXL Card Printer

Magicard XXL printer for large cards, ideal for events

The XXL is designed for personalising pre-printed ID cards with a large format. Includes an option for an intelligent card encoder. Also includes the anti-copy patented Holokote hologram that does not generate additional costs, giving added security.

Magicard HoloKote

Watermark system for securing cards

All Magicard printers are equipped with the patented technology of Holokote® watermarks, which are printed on the card during normal printing, without additional costs or consumables. Magicard HoloKote prints your personalised graphic on the upper layer during normal printing; this gives anti-copying protection to your cards. An anti-copy watermark covers the entire surface area of the card and is visible when viewing the card at an angle.

Magicard Holograms

Magicard holograms add security and prestige to your cards

Magicard offers 2D or 3D holograms, standard or personalised. Holograms are highly secure because they cannot be counterfeited by colour printers, scanners nor standard printing systems. The Magicard Tango + L system has an integrated lamination station that is ideal for issuing personalised ID cards with lamination and holograms.


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