Magicard printers print full colour secure photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards and access control badges. Choose the right Magicard printer for your printing needs. Magicard warranty and renowned support set the brand apart in the ID card printer industry.

Pronto card printer

Magicard Pronto is the badge printer for printing on demand at the lowest cost

The Magicard Pronto card printer is the ideal solution if you want to print your own cards and badges at the lowest cost. Color or monochrome printing in seconds, with high quality backgrounds and personalization of texts and photos, the Pronto can also erase and print rewritable cards (ReWrite card technology). Magicard Pronto is the ideal printer for clubs, associations, site access cards, visitor management.

Enduro card printer

Magicard Enduro3e printer for printing PVC cards in color in small series

Magicard Enduro3E, the evolution of the Enduro and Enduro + card printers, makes it possible to print small series of cards at the lowest cost. This printer, with manual card insertion and a 100 card feeder, is faster than the Magicard Pronto and has it all: ease of use, security, reliability of the Magicard brand. As well as a really affordable sale price!

Magicard 300

Magicard 300 card printer: a modern design and safety features

Magicard 300 printer digital shredding (TM) technology secures printing of PVC ID cards. Personal data used to print and personalize a badge is instantly erased from memory, preventing any possibility of fraud. A new quality printer that you can choose from single-sided printing (Magicard 300 UNO) or double-sided printing (Magicard 300 DUO).

Magicard Rio Pro printer

Magicard printer for secure professional class badges

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is an ID badge printer of professional class that prints high quality edge-to-edge images, single sided or double-sided on white or printed PVC cards, in large quantities thanks to its 100 card charger and its 70 card hopper. Built for professionals, it is ideal for printing high volumes of cards including above 10,000 cards / year.

Rio 2e Card Printer

Magicard Rio 2e is the professional printer of high quality security badges

The Magicard Rio 2e printer is ideal for printing secure and professional ID cards. It prints high quality images and offers the user the option to print a transparent, personalised security HoloKote hologram on the surface of the card. The Rio 2e offers many encoding options for proximity cards, as well as for contact chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

Magicard HoloKote

Magicard HoloKote system prints watermarks to secure your ID card

Magicard card printers are equipped with patented HoloKote® watermark technology that prints a hologram-like mark on the card during its printing process, at no additional consumables cost. The Magicard Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro printers take advantage of this PVC card printing technology. They print a standard design or a custom image using the overlay panel of the ink ribbon during printing, providing protection against counterfeiting to your cards.

Magicard Holograms

Magicard holograms add security and prestige to your cards

Magicard offers 2D or 3D holograms with standard or custom design to secure ID documents. Standard or custom holograms protect the plastic card while securing it against counterfeiting: Holographic images cannot be printed with color card printers or duplicated with standard scanners and printing equipment. The Magicard printers like Rio2e, RioPro or the older Tango + L system integrates a lamination station and is ideal for issuing personalized cards with laminates and holograms.

Discontinued products

XXL Card Printer

XXL from Magicard. The first event badge printer capable of personalizing a large format PVC badge

Thanks to its two badge formats: 124.8 x 87.8 mm and 140 x 87.8 mm, the large format card printer from Magicard is ideal for printing your plastic cards for events (trade fairs, congresses, concerts, etc.). The Magicard XXL was created with customization of large preprinted identification badges in mind, and allows you to personalize your badge on a printable surface of 86 x 54 mm (standard size credit card). Magicard XXL is now obsolete and has been replaced by the large format card printer Nisca Swiftcolor SCC4000D.