Access turnstile and protection against Coronavirus

In this spring of 2020 and with the pandemic that we are experiencing due to Covid-19, controlling and limiting the capacity of most sites and public places has become a necessity. Now not only for reasons of physical safety or control of the evacuation of people, but as a fundamental element of public health to avoid contagion by this virus. PassCount3 turnstile with counting electronics automatically controls and regulates attendance.

Access turnstile Coronavirus protection
Wednesday 20 May 2020

Limit virus transmission

The measures implemented by our governments aim to avoid exposure to the virus through contact and proximity. Social distancing is easier to respect outside, but as soon as we enter a closed place, the possibility of maintaining it depends directly on the number of people present. The maximum capacity is often limited to between 30 and 50% of the generally authorized assistance.

Know the instantaneous attendance

Hence the need to know at all times and limit the capacity in stores, pharmacies, construction sites, bars, restaurants or even gyms. Above all because, for cultural and economic reasons, the usual care in all these settings is much higher than currently recommended to avoid contagion. One of the simplest solutions to find out the number of people present is filter access with a tripod turnstile with an input counting system. It is also the cheapest system to limit entry when maximum capacity is reached.

How to implement the capacity limit

A3M offers a tripod turnstile capable of counting the number of people present in your business making the difference between entries and exits in real time. By the simple rotation of the tripod and without the need for access with an RFID card. Very simple, its PassCount3 counting electronics allows you to configure the maximum instant attendance you want. As soon as it is reached, the turnstile will cease to allow entry, forbidding access to your establishment until one person exits.

Customized attendance control

A3M supports the fight against the Covid-19 and offers a complete range adapted to all types of premises. The PassCount3 number of people limitation solution can be adapted to most of our access control systems. In a corporate office environment, the speed gate with capacity limitation provides an access solution with a flawless presentation. For high security sites or sites with paid access, a full height turnstile for controlled attendance will offer all safety guarantees.

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