Cardream3 MIFARE

Cardream3 Platinum software

A simple software solution to print and encode MIFARE Ⓡ cards in a single step

Cardream3 Platinum is a version of the card editing program that allows both printing of the MIFARE card and reading / encoding of the chip. It is the ideal tool for the RFID card integrator and reseller, as well as for the end customer in their daily access control management.

MIFARE card printing and encoding program

Cardream3 Platinum software has the interface and all the functions of Cardream3 Professional for printing the card on one or both sides. Add the MIFARE ® and MIFARE DESFire ® proximity card encoding in the same operation.
MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire are trademarks of NXP B.V.

Compatible printers to print and encode a MIFARE card

To take advantage of Cardream3’s features for proximity chip writing, you need a card printer with an internal encoder. The encoder can be any as long as it corresponds to the PC / SC standard or in particular the Evolis Crazy Writer or Elyctis Dual SCM model.

Complete management of the MIFARE card

Cardream3 Platinum allows the management of the MIFARE chip, including reading and writing of its sectors and blocks. The security of the chip is managed through the access codes Key A and Key B.

Complete management of the DESFire card

The MIFARE DESFire high security chip is entirely managed. Cardream3 Platinum reads and writes the data in the form of applications and pages according to the MIFARE DESFire protocol. The multiple passwords of each MIFARE DESFire application are controlled from the program.


Characteristics of the Cardream3 printing and encoding program

Operating systems Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Compatibility Intended for use in conjunction with Evolis Pebble and Dualys printers with internal Crazy Writer encoder
Advanced Features · Reads and encodes the MIFARE 1K chip while printing or customizing the card

· Manage access key change Key A

· Allows both simple reading of the USN of the chip, as well as read and write access to any block

Interface MS Office 2007 style design and interface for immediate handling
Elevator configured for direct access to the most common functions
Languages ​​ Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Slovenian and Russian
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