Card printing and encoding

Cardream3 by A3M is the most simple and easy to use card printing software available on the market. It features the best value for money and fulfills all your needs for creating ID cards.


Print and personalize your PVC cards with a simple and user-friendly software

Cardream3 is an easy to use and affordable software for the creation, printing and personalization of PVC ID cards. Developed by A3M, it is compatible with all brands of card printers. Cardream3 offers an exceptional image optimization engine that maximizes the color printing quality of your badges.

Cardream3 MIFARE

A simple software solution to print and encode MIFARE ® cards in a single step

Cardream3 Platinum is a version of the card editing program that allows both printing of the MIFARE card and reading / encoding of the chip. It is the ideal tool for the RFID card integrator and reseller, as well as for the end customer in their daily access control management.