Gemplus GemPC Twin desktop smart card reader

Gemplus GemPC Twin card reader

Beautifully designed and engineered smart card desktop reader from Gemplus

With a USB or RS232 serial connection, this Gemplus smart card reader with a transparent "crystal" design is designed to facilitate the encoding of your cards and simplify the deployment of your infrastructures and smart card solutions.

Gemplus GemPC Twin USB
Gemplus GemPC Twin USB

Gemplus Smart Card Reader

GemPC Twin USB is a simple and elegant reader of contact smart cards with its crystal presentation. It is compact (68 x 63 x 12 mm) and its selling price is competitive. Responding to standard smart card reading protocols, the GemPC is easy to integrate into a desktop solution for reading bank cards or identification cards. Developed by one of the biggest names in the smart card sector, Gemplus now Gemalto, it offers all the guarantees of result for the user.

Gemplus logo
Gemplus logo

Smart Card Reader Applications

Its typical applications extend to different sectors: physical or logical access control (access to computer stations, server rooms), electronic commerce, home banking, private electronic wallet, customer loyalty in stores. The GemPC Twin reader is ideal for the electrical personalization of standard smart cards on the market such as Siemens Infineon SLE5542.

Reference GemPC Twin USB
Presentation Crystal
Dimensions 68 x 63 x 12 mm
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