Color printing

Evolis Primacy printer

Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy is an ID card printer that combines great looking prints and simple-to-use interface never known before. It replaces the Evolis Pebble single sided and Evolis Dualys double-sided printers. Depending on its configuration, it allows single-sided or double-sided printing and encoding of magnetic and RFID badges at the best price. Evolis Primacy provides a fast card printing speed and allows real versatility for all your personnalization needs on plastic cards.

Pronto card printer

A quality dye-sublimation ID card printer at a great price. Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading. The Pronto features a magnetic stripe encoding option and its built-in HoloKote visual security system offers a choice of 4 watermark designs.

Nisca color ribbon

Nisca PR-C101

The PR-C101 single sided printer provides a simple and affordable out-of-the-box solution for high quality, high durability ID cards with low maintenance requirements.

Blank cards packaging

Blank cards

A3M cards are high quality laminated PVC cards. Both the quality of the materials used and the involvement in manufacturing a perfect product are noticeable. Our ID cards are ISO 7810 CR-80 compliant.

Offset printing on ID card

Offset printing

Offset printing on PVC cards allows fantastic brilliant full colour prints. Virtually any image can be printed on an ID card with this technology. The overlay we apply on the card during its production process enables the ID card to receive a posterior personalisation in monochrome or even in dye sublimation full colour, for example to print membership cards with photo.

Evolis Quantum personnalisation system

Evolis Quantum

With a 500 card capacity for its card feeder, hopper and colour ribbon, the Quantum is the only industrial ID cards printer on the market to offer a total printing autonomy of 500 cards in full colour.monochrome.

Evolis YMCKO ribbon

YMCKO 5 panel colour ribbon 200 cards

Evolis YMCKO 5 panel colour ribbons give reliable, flawless operation of your Evolis card printer to produce some of the most colourful, photo realistic images and sharp text and barcodes.

Enduro card printer

The Enduro printer can be ordered single or double-sided. For added flexibility, a simple drop-in upgrade is available for customers whose needs change from single to double-sided cards. The Enduro offers a magnetic stripe encoding option and HoloKote visual security in 4 watermark designs.

Evolis Dualys 3

Thanks to the most advanced printing engine in the market, Dualys3 prints high-definition badges within seconds. Evolis Dualys is the ideal ID card printer for high volume and double sided applications.

ID card printed silksreen

Silk screen printing

Screen printing is a printing process that produces cards with flat colors, metallic inks for production of silver or gold cards. If you want to differentiate yourself from a classic print, the A3M screen printing preprint will give your preprinted badges a unique look.

Nisca PR5300

Nisca PR5310

A3M offers the best prices on the Nisca range of card printers and consumables. Important stock level and technical service at the disposal of our VARs. Delivering all of the world-class features of a NiSCA printer...AT A USER FRIENDLY PRICE!

Evolis Pebble 4

Pebble4 is the ideal solution for any type of application that requires single-sided printing of badges: employee badges, student IDs, access control badges, transport passes, loyalty cards, payment cards and many more.


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